Artemis Turbo Poker Festival Cyprus, May, 2-7: $100,000 guaranteed to the winners!
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We haven’t yet written about these guys. This is a new (yet very experienced) team, which specializes on cash festivals in Cyprus and Georgia. They’ve decided to enter a new high level and organize a full-scale mini-series – Artemis Turbo Poker Festival in Kaya Artemis Poker Club (Northern Cyprus). The guaranteed prizes are huge. For instance, main event champion will receive at least $25,000!

The team is called Innovative Management of Poker (I’M Poker) and consists of the people who worked in such series as WPT Nationals and Classic, WSOP Circuits and PartyPoker and PokerStars events. In particular, it is headed by GTLive tournament director Sergei Abrat.

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PokerStars and WPT will host “joint series”
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This is much more epic than it sounds. PokerStars and WPT will host their series in different parts of Europe but there are additional bonuses for those who are able to visit both events. We are talking of Monte Carlo and Amsterdam and the common name for these two stages is PokerStars Championship WPT MonteDam Swing.

On April, 25th to May, 5th Monte Carlo Casino will host PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo and on May, 5-13th Holland Casino will host WPT Amsterdam. The managers not only agreed on the terms of their events (making them the most convenient for the players) but also motivated the participants to take part in both events with additional prizes.

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Tony G vs. Gus Hansen: The Big Cash Game in King’s Casino
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There is nothing to watch right now. There are no interesting poker shows. With no action whatsoever any expensive cash game attracts higher attention. Especially the one with Tony G and Gus Hansen as participants. That is the session that lasted three days and took place at Leo Tsoukernik’s King’s Casino Rozvadov during the stage of World Series of Poker Circuit.

As we all know, King’s Casino often gathers cash games specialists. It is called Celebrity Cash Kings. The brand used to gather such poker monsters as Philipp Gruissem, Igor Kurganov, Daniel Coleman, Max Altergott, Ole Schemion, Daniel Cates etc. Top-notch stars.

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Fish2013 outplays Dwan in $65k MBP Super High Roller
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Belarussian high roller Nikita “fish2013” Bodyakovskiy who is rightfully perceived as one of the best NL Hold’em players, won super high roller tournament with $65,000 buy-in in Macao defeating Tom Dwan himself in the head-up. Bodyakovskiy earned $420,255 total.

The real name of the Belarusian players is much less known in comparison with his nickname –  fish2013. According to HighStakesDB data, the profit of the Belarussian went over $600,000 in 2016, though he lost about $450,000 by March, 2017…

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Isildur1: “Practice is far more important than theory”
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Viktor “Isuldur1” Blom is a genius person who is not very talkative. He rarely gives any interviews and when he does it looks like he makes that unwillingly. When this happens, the least we can do is make a post in PokerDiscover blog about it. Blom “revealed his soul” at Unibet Poker Open which took place in London recently here he was invited as a super poker mega star. He also made a good PR for Unibet, as he does.

We won’t stop at what happened at the event as it is not very interesting for wide audience. The personality of the Swede, however is the topic to discuss.

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PokerStars Championship Sochi! $2.5 million guaranteed in Main Event!
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Poker gods have heard our prayers and sent us gift of PokerStars Championship Sochi! We’ve barely had time to enjoy new records of EAPT nor discussed enough an upcoming tournaments with million dollars guaranteed prize fund (held in Sochi) before getting an official information from PokerStars: in May, Russia will hold the most expensive series in history!

That is not an exaggeration!

Buy-in of the Main Event will be $5,590 or 318,000 rubles. This sounds scary but is big poker. Guaranteed prize fund of the main event is corresponding – 150 million rubles or $2.5 million.

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Poker as Rock-Paper-Scissors
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If we consider a simplified model of poker, it will be quite similar to the world famous game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Both games have an optimal strategy: random action in the popular childrens play and Game Theoretical Optimum (GTO) in poker. However, these strategies do not guarantee the maximum value.

The optimal game strategy guarantees only one thing: actions of the opponents will become irrelevant. This is a standard Nash equilibrium.

And here one should understand: the optimal strategy only makes sense if other players stick to it too. In other cases – when the opponents act in their own fashion – it is much more effective to focus on their mistakes and adjust your actions accordingly.

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Best Poker Clubs in India
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Several years ago the whole Indian poker was centered in Goa, the main resort of the country with endless beaches and serenity of Arabian Sea. Recently poker vector started to move towards Bangalore and other big cities (like Calcutta). We can’t say Goa has lost the lead yet, but it’s coming soon.

Currently the country with the population of 1.3 billion people has several poker centers – in Goa and Bangalore in particular. There are just several states  available for legal play – such as Nagaland, Sikkim, West Bengal and Karnataka. The former two have population of no more than 3 million total, while the latter two have over 155 million habitats!

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Video: Jake Cody is looking for Big Game in Macao
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Poker vloggers were very active during the recent months. Daniel Negreanu began to record some nice content, Jake Cody develops his channel (one of the most interesting about poker), Alec Torelli regularly uploads videos

We liked one of the latest vlogs of EPT Deauville champion Jake Cody where he visits Asia, Macao, for the first time, participates in exorbitant cash games and Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon Event tournaments.

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PokerStars develops a Hearthstone-like game
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Power Up is a so-called poker hybrid of poker and card video game. Currently there is a closed alpha-test, so the final release is far away. The game reminds HoldemX, the development of the company of Alex Dreyfus, one of the most famous innovators in the world of poker.

There was a new trend in gaming-industry that has been formed during the latest years – it is card games. Not poker, but close (or not so close) analogues of Magic: The Gathering, a popular table and online game.

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