WSOP 2017: Negreanu’s fail and WCGRider’s win
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The main poker event of the year – World Series of Poker 2017 – runs for over a week now. This time it has one significant change – no more November Nine! Poker gods have finally heard our players! This year Main Event is going to end like any big tournament there is. The level of interest towards it won’t decrease due to a gigantic break between the main part of event and final table. Amen.

We won’t be telling you much about the winners of various events below. This is too boring. Let us just highlight the most notable moments of the series. In particular: Daniel Negreanu’s try to win 7th bracelet (he almost did it!), Douglas Polk’s win in $111,111 High Roller for One Drop, Colossus III.

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Poker Clubs in Slovakia, part 3: Small towns
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In this part of the review we take a turn to the West from Kosice towards Prague and Bratislava, along picturesque highway among Tatry, where many little towns of Slovakia are situated. 30,000 – 50,000 of population is a rather big town on local measures, and it absolutely must have a poker club or two. Let’s have a look what poker life is like in this part of the country.

We’ve told you before about poker clubs of Bratislava and other major cities.

The author of the text is a professional player Slonovyev. He has personally visited all the described places and travelled around many countries looking for poker adventures.

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Poker Clubs in Slovakia, part 2: Kosice, Presov, Trebisov, Poprad
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In the second part of our review we will try to describe the state of live play in different cities of Slovakia. As we’ve mentioned in the latest review about the capital – Bratislava, poker is immensely popular in this country and its liberal laws and tax policy allow the owners of gambling facilities to organize poker halls almost everywhere.

Almost every little town has its own poker club. We will tell you about the most famous of them.

Poker Clubs in Slovakia, Part 1

Poker Clubs in Slovakia, Part 3

The second biggest town after the capital – old town of Kosice lost among the mounts of Carpaty has twice-smaller population in comparison with Bratislava – 225 people, who play in several poker clubs.

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Hosting The Perfect Poker Home Game
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There are a number of casinos in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area where you can play cards for cash, but hosting a poker game in the privacy of your own home can be a fun way to entertain and challenge your friends at one of America’s greatest pastimes and games of skill.

Strictly speaking, New Mexico Criminal Law states that even behind closed doors social gambling is illegal, and anyone who does so can be charged with a petty misdemeanor. That said, as long as you don’t charge a fee to get in the door, or rake money from the pots to make a profit or cover expenses, nobody is going to get arrested for playing for fun with friends.

However, if you’re going to host a home game, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

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Super High Roller Bowl 2017: Vogelsang won $6,000,000!
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There is only one tournament that tops everything, including start of World Series of Poker. It is ARIA Super High Roller Bowl with buy-in of $300,000! It is one of the most expensive, spectacular and famous tournaments in the world. Only poker elite plays here, players who are the best of the best. There are no fishes, almost all the players are semi-gods. There are exceptions though.

The things are Germany is the country, where strongest super high rollers live in. For the second time in a row, champions belt of ARIA Bowl goes to the resident of this country. In 2016,  Rainer Kempe triumphed here, and Russian online high roller Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov even used to be a chip leader after one of the playing days.

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Poker Clubs in Slovakia, Part 1: Bratislava
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Slovakia is in the great shadow of bigger neighbor countries – the Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic. The size doesn’t matter here though as this country is ahead of the biggest poker countries in the world in some way. And there are reasons for that.

We’ve previously described the state of poker in Romania (part 1, part 2).

Poker Clubs in Slovakia, Part 2

Poker Clubs in Slovakia, Part 3

The author of this text is professional poker player Slonovyev (GipsyTeam forums nickname), he has personally been in the described places and travelled around many countries looking for poker adventures.

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Brazil is about to legalize gambling? Las Vegas Sands is in already
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Brazil is a big country (with huge territory and population of 208 million people). The country with problems everyone knows about (wild corruption and high criminal level in particular). But Brazil is also the country which has millions of poker fans in the country – according to the official data! Their number could increase drastically in the nearest future. The state is thinking about full-scale legalization of gambling.

Brazilians “think” over the legalizations and make some steps towards it for more than a year now. This is a long-time boring issue. For instance, some law projects on legalization of gambling appeared several years ago and they are making some real steps only now. These law projects are getting delayed all the time on various reasons.

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Patrik Antonius opens poker room for high rollers in Monaco
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Poker legend from Finland, ex-titan of virtual world, supermodel, macho and a great guy Patrik Antonius is retired long time ago. At least from online poker. Famous player has his own business though. He plays at high stakes live cash tables and is about to open his own poker room in Monte Carlo.

There is almost no info about Patrik in latest years. One is able to follow his Instagram, where Patrik posts photos like these:

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PartyPoker MILLIONS Sochi in September: $5,000,000 guaranteed in Main Event!
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“Russia now has a global poker boom. The results of Partypoker Millions Sochi astonished us. We were expecting such a hype but still were impressed to see that in reality,” – these are the words of Artur Voskanian, the head of Poker Club Management. And he is absolutely right. It’s time to raise the bar. The next Partypoker Millions champion will receive at least a million dollars!

We expected PokerStars Championship Sochi with guaranteed prize fund of $2.5 million in Main Event will become the most spectacular event of this and following years. We were wrong. We are expecting even bigger series with ambitious prize structure this September: Main Event guaranteed money is $5,000,000, and the winner will take home at least $1,000,000

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Artemis Turbo Poker Festival Cyprus, May, 2-7: $100,000 guaranteed to the winners!
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We haven’t yet written about these guys. This is a new (yet very experienced) team, which specializes on cash festivals in Cyprus and Georgia. They’ve decided to enter a new high level and organize a full-scale mini-series – Artemis Turbo Poker Festival in Kaya Artemis Poker Club (Northern Cyprus). The guaranteed prizes are huge. For instance, main event champion will receive at least $25,000!

The team is called Innovative Management of Poker (I’M Poker) and consists of the people who worked in such series as WPT Nationals and Classic, WSOP Circuits and PartyPoker and PokerStars events. In particular, it is headed by GTLive tournament director Sergei Abrat.

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